I help you grow organically and dynamically on Instagram through customized filters as a digital marketing strategy.

My name is Yasmim, and I've been working on creating filters for brands and content creators on Instagram since 2019.

What began as a simple curiosity has been refined through a lot of practice and courses, and today, I make filters my main source of income, reaching almost 10 billion users worldwide with my filters!

Currently, I reside in Leiria, Portugal, but I can assist you 100% online and I have clients from various countries!

Ready Filters

Customized Filters


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Profile Analysis

YOU WILL RECEIVE: a PDF with improvement suggestions for your profile!

BONUS: Filter ideas with marketing strategy to grow your profile.



BONUS: Filter ideas with marketing strategy to grow your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You share with me in detail your project idea for a filter. Example: A bronze color filter with lashes and phrases. You can also provide references to projects you like to use in your daily Instagram activities. OR if you’re unsure, I can assist you in brainstorming something that suits your Instagram niche.

  2. Once we decide on the project, I will send you a budget document with contact information for your email or WhatsApp.

  3. If the budget is approved, I can start your project! I request a deadline of up to 7 business days (possibly sooner depending on the weekly demand) to send you project tests. Instagram has a 24-hour deadline to approve the filter on your profile.

IAIA Filters is an international brand and offers the following payment options to better serve you:


Yes! Whether it’s a custom filter or if you purchase a ready-made project from the catalog, your name will always be associated with the filter. By clicking on it, people from all over will be able to access your page.

I will always send test links to ensure that the project aligns with your preferences and the request in the budget before finalizing it.

  1. Yes! After 24 hours of the filter being live, you can track insights for your filter by logging into the Spark AR HUB (the filter platform).

The filter is a LIFETIME investment, which means you pay once and have it advertising your profile forever, reaching new people on your IG daily.

If your filter has disappeared, don’t worry. About every 6 months, filters need maintenance to keep working perfectly on the platform. Just contact me, and the filters I create come with FREE lifetime maintenance!”

COME BECOME A #Infiltrator TOO!

After checking out all the benefits that a personalized filter can bring to your Instagram account, if you're a digital content creator or own a brand on Instagram, what are you waiting for?

Now it's your turn! Come create your personalized filter with me!

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